Whitmor Rotating Lint Remover Brush for Drawing Rooms Well-Cleaned

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Safe and easy to use on carpet, furniture, upholstery, and fabric, this Whitmor rotating lint remover brush can easily remove lint, pet hair, fuzz and dandruff.

  • Cleans dust, lint, dandruff and pet hair
  • Safe to use on fabrics and garments
  • 180-degree Rotating brush
  • Strong handle-grip


  • Product Dimensions: 2.13 x 2.188 x 10.50 inches.
  • Designed to remove lint, fuzz, pet hair, and dandruff.
  • Applicable to fabrics and garments.





It is a common belief that an organized home can make the family feel more fun and enjoyable, that’s more important to us.

For the past 70 years until now, Whitmor has been serving the best household products for comfort. Recently, it introduced its lint brush online to make your drawing rooms well-cleaned.

Whitmor Rotating Lint Remover Brush For Drawing Rooms

Now you can run your morning routine smoothly because you have your personal cleaning assistant in your hand. Yes, Whitmor rotating brush can help you in your daily cleaning tasks like cleaning off fuzz, lint, and fuzz from carpets, clothes, and rugs.

The smart lint remover brush is perfect for doing household chores. The rotating lint remover machine is specially made to remove dandruff, lint, dust, and pet hair from clothing and fabrics. It can rotate in any direction you want for easy cleaning.

Features Of Whitmor Rotating Lint Remover Brush

  • Work by rotating in any direction for easy lint removal
  • Directs are head to reverse for hair removal.
  • Rotating Lint Brush can remove dandruff, dust, pet hair, and lint.
  • This reusable lint remover is quite Safe to use on any kind of fabrics
  • Dimensions: 2.13″L x 2.188″W x 10.50″H

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2 reviews for Whitmor Rotating Lint Remover Brush for Drawing Rooms Well-Cleaned

  1. R. Hunt

    I use this brush to remove all manner of lint and hair from my clothes. It works great. I also use it on towels when I buy then, to keep that towel lint out of my laundry and off of my wet body.

  2. Michel P

    I am satisfied with the item. Good delivery timeframe, and good price.

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