Superio Lint Remover Brush | Double Sided Wood Handle Brush

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The Superio lint remover brush is ideal for household chores, including routine tasks of cleaning lint, dust, fuzz, and pet hairs. Buy now the best lint remover brush for clothes according to your choice and needs.

  • Made to remove pet hair, lint and dust.
  • Easy to use Superio lint remover brush.
  • Cleans jackets, pants and dresses.


  • Brush Dimensions: 9.8 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.8 inches.
  • Purpose: Removes dirt, lint, and pet hair from fabrics, coaches, jackets, and more.
  • Material: Soft bristles with durable plastic.
  • Color: Black
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Here comes a durable lint remover brush, constructed for all-purpose fabric brush, durable, ergonomic handle made of hardwood with a decent finish, it is a reusable pet hair remover brush to remove hair and lint. The two-sided head is specially designed to remove dust and pet lint from clothes, dresses, jackets, shirts, and pants.

Superio Lint Remover Brush For Garments

It’s undoubtedly the convenient lint brush you are looking for. The one side of the lint remover brush for clothes comes with black velvet, whereas the other side is purely black soft bristles, quite easy to remove hair from clothing, curtains, and other fabric stuff.

The bristles are soft enough and sturdy, never damaging the look of your car upholstery and clothing. Do your daily pet hair cleaning with this double-sided lint remover brush. In short, we can say that it is a must-have lint remover brush for clothes you should buy this month.

Key Points Of Lint Remover Brush For Clothes:

  • Removes dust, cleans clothes, fabric, coats, jackets, comforters, and more.
  • It can be worked on furniture, car upholstery, and couches as well.
  • Available in natural wood color, bristles are in black.
  • Brush Dimensions : 10.5 inches (Length) x 2.5 inches (Width) .

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2 reviews for Superio Lint Remover Brush | Double Sided Wood Handle Brush

  1. Lora A Dann

    Nice brush for the price. The bristles are soft enough to not damage clothing.

  2. Jack

    Great lint brush to have especially when you have a white Ragdoll kitty and the human (me) likes to wear black corduroy black wool coat.

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