The Most Trendy Sticky Lint Roller – Pet Hair Remover Kit

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Pet hair remover kit sticky lint roller is a great gift for pet owners, incorporating them in their daily cleaning routine and keeping their clothes tidy and clean enough as desired.

  • Manufactured to clean lint, hair, and dust.
  • Pet hair remover kit.
  • Available with 540 super sticky sheets to clean your surroundings any time.
  • Applicable to clothes, carpets, furniture, sofas, car upholstery, curtains, couches, and more.
  • Adhesive sticky lint remover for pets.


  • Material Type: ABS handle
  • Weight: 1.48 lb
  • Size of lint roller: 10.63×7.87×2.36in, length 4in, paper core diameter 1.5in.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Sticky Lint Remover For Pets
  • 9 x Lint roller Refills (540 Sheets)


Get sticky lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes. Most people find pet hair removal a difficult task, especially when they are having more fury friends in their homes.

Many pet owners face an endless struggle against pet hair by using several pet hair cleaners like Pet hair vacuum cleaners, etc.

Sticky Lint Roller – Pet Hair Remover Kit For Clothes

However, in spite of cleaning with a powerful vacuum cleaner, you will still find it tricky to preserve a pet hair-free area. To help you get out of this common mess, the adhesive Sticky Lint roller for pet hair removal comes in.

Giving you an easy time for cleaning pet hair and lint, the super sticky lint roller has a wide range of applications, including clothes, bed, sofa, floor, furniture, comforters, and carpets.

Don’t let the lint, dust, hair, and dirt spoil the charm of your drawing room.

Features Of Sticky Lint Remover For Pets

1. Huge Range Of Applications: The lint remover brush is ideal for households, perfect for any fabrics, carpets, clothes, curtains, furniture, food residue, and even the padding of your vehicle.

Best lint roller to clean cat hair and dog hair from the clothes. Get your pet hair remover kit right away.

2. Super Sticky Adhesive: The sticky lint remover for pets needs a few passes to wipe out debris and to get the home clean rapidly. Enjoy the pet free home with the sticky lint remover for pets.

3. Environmental Protection: This lint roller for clothes comes with environmental protection having non-toxic and no odor effects.

4. Lint Roller with 9 Refills and 540 Sheets: The shape sheets provided in the package are easy to tear off. No need to apply physical strength as the sheets can easily be torn every time.

5. Made of Wood Pulp: The sticky lint remover for pets is made of 100% wood pulp that is economical and environmental.

Throw the dirty sheets away and live in a clean, friendly environment. It is a must-have pet hair remover kit you should buy in 2020.

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2 reviews for The Most Trendy Sticky Lint Roller – Pet Hair Remover Kit

  1. Rebecca Dann

    Great for getting dog hair off black clothes, works as expected so happy with product.

  2. Albert malaves

    I love this product!👍
    I have Four Dogs and since i am going threw Chemo therapy I am losing my Hair and so I like using to remove any lose hair on my clothes.
    Thank you !

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