The Brand New Portable Lint Roller | Fabric Shaver For Clothes

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Ergonomically made to handle dust on furniture and lint on clothing, our portable lint roller is inexpensive and easy to use fabric fuzz shaver that helps you in getting your household jobs faster than ever before.

  • Lightweight and simple to use, latest technology
  • Manufactured from magnesium alloy type material, the cutter head can remove hair easily without damaging the fabrics.
  • Soft grip lets you feel no frustration when handling.
  • Best portable lint roller

Product Specifications:

  • Material Type: Alloy
  • Size of the product: 175 * 125 * 5mm/6.88*4.92*0.19in
  • Color: Black, Silver, Red


For any of the individuals, attires are the most noteworthy investment, and thus, there must be no compromise in the clothes quality. The worst quality garments do not last long and might make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them.

Best Portable Lint Roller For Clothes

Moreover, the presence of fuzz or lint could quickly degrade the look of your dresses. In such cases, a portable lint roller could be a perfect solution for disposing off the lint, dust, and fuzz from the clothes and furniture.

Key Features Of Best Portable Lint Roller

1. Best lint remover for high span of application: When the clothes are sticky and piling, the best portable lint roller is great to handle the fuzz and dust from your casual dresses, sweaters, sofas, furniture, vehicle interiors, blankets, couches, and more.

2. Diverse applications: Woolen garments, clothes, furniture, carpets, rugs, sweaters, sofas, vehicle interiors, blankets, couches, and more.

3. Design of the product: The best portable lint roller is manufactured from fine magnesium alloy, two-sided large-diameter head cutter, Cosy handle, 12.5cm wear-resistant cutter teeth.

4. Usage: Light and simple to use, fast hair removal tool, refresh old clothes and fabrics. Small enough to carry anywhere. Portable lint cleaner for travel and household.

5. 100% Guaranteed: Our customer satisfaction is our first priority, best portable lint roller online with a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure trust. Order your package right away.

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2 reviews for The Brand New Portable Lint Roller | Fabric Shaver For Clothes

  1. andy luis

    The product were shipped very quick. When it arrive, I tried on my sweater and it works very well. I even try to remove the fur on the sofa from our cat. It also works. That surprise me. The product is very light but solid. I like the color. And also a small red comb size come with it which may use on some small area. Overall, I think the stuff is worth for the price.

  2. Penelope Armentrout

    Ok, this thing is addicting! Once I figured out how to use it, I used it on everything! My Couch, wool Navy Pea coat and then on my kitchen rugs! If you have animals, this tool is great. If you have any wool, it’s a must!

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