New Portable Lint Remover To Renew Your Garments

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Stop throwing away your clothes and renew them with the portable lint remover. Clean dirt and lint from your clothes and give your fabrics a completely new look. Buy now lint roller at discounted rates and stay elegant.

  • Cleans pet hair, fuzz, lint, dirt and balls.
  • Portable to carry and simple to use.
  • Perfect for cleaning the surface of carpets, clothes, curtains, sofas, cars interior, bedding, furniture & fixtures and more.
  • A battery-free lint remover to save wastage of money on several batteries.
  • Pure copper head that never get rusted.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Pet Hair Remover
  • Material Type: Metal + Woorden
  • Handle Length: 12cm/4.72in
  • Width: 14cm/5.51in

Package Includes:

  • 1 x portable lint remover


Give your first impression remarkable by wearing an outclass lint-free dress. Whether it’s your first day in the office or you are going to attend a casual event tonight, a clean and fuzz-free suit will surely attract others.

Portable Lint Remover To Renew Your Dresses

No need to consider other useless tools when portable lint remover is there for you. Made to get your garments cleaned from lint and dirt, the fuzz shaver is perfect for cleaning your garments, bedding, sofas, car interior, and other fabric stuff.

Key Features of Portable Lint Remover Clothes

1. Manual Lint Remover – Unlike other battery-operated equipment, this lint cleaner no longer runs on batteries for they are unable to come up with powerful power and can be powered manually, that is more convenient and simple.

2. Diverse applications – Use this lint roller on the floor, carpets, bedding, sofas, car insides, clothes etc. for cleaning your pet’s hair, lint, snacks, dust, yarn, hair, etc.

If you are planning a family picnic at the beach, it can also serve you as a travel lint roller as it can easily clean the beach sand as well on your clothes.

3. Easy-to-use & Convenient – Stay classic and restore the new look of your fabrics and garments, ideal for cleaning fluffy balls from fabrics on the couch anytime. Make your life easier with this convenient and portable lint remover.

4.High quality Material – The lint roller blade is sharp enough to remove pet hair, cotton velvet and bread crumbs. Made of Pure copper that ensures the blade’s long service life.

5. Warranty Offer – Copyright owned by KEHOO, offers a two-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. In case of any defects in the product, it would be replaced by KEHOO.

6. POWERFUL MOTORS: The motor is too powerful to remove fuzz balls and put them away from the clothes surface.

7. Reusable Lint Roller: Unlike other sticky lint remover, it is the best reusable lint roller that you can use anytime and anywhere.

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2 reviews for New Portable Lint Remover To Renew Your Garments

  1. Daariya

    The shipping was on time. Very useful lint remover. Highly recommended!

  2. Hailon

    I found this item helpful in doing my daily household cleaning chores. I love it!

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