Best Quality Gleener Lint Remover And Fabric Shaver For Clothes

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Tired of using ineffective lint and fuzz removers? Try this fabric shaver for clothes for easy removal of pet hair, pills, and lint from any kind of fabrics and comforters. Grab this best lint brush right now at a reasonable price.

  • 2-in-1 sweater lint shaver
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Easy to use
  • Simpler to remove fuzz, lint, and pills from clothing, sweaters, or other fabric stuff.


  • Built-in lint remover brush
  • Manufacturer – Gleener
  • Product Size – 4 x 12 x 20 inches





At the very first impression, your way of dressing defines your overall personality to a great extent. No matter how expensive your garments are, as time passes, they start showing pills, lint, fuzz, and likewise.

Gleener Lint Remover For Fabrics

However, it is vital to ensure that whenever you go out, your clothes should be neat and smooth. To remove the lint and fuzz, you ought to have a fabric shaver to get the cleaning job done perfectly.

From suits and sweaters to bedding and sofas, Gleener lint remover gives your clothing the most extended life. Even its edge is uniquely designed to eliminate pet hair and pilling from linens and upholstery.

Key Features Of Gleener Lint Remover & Fabric Shaver For Clothes

1. Rapidly removes fabric lints and pills: It is 2-in-1 lint brush and clothes shaver uses its interchangeable edges to quickly remove fuzz and lint from sweaters, sofas, coats, and fabrics of all types including cashmere, cotton, wool, fleece, polyester, rayon, acrylic, and more.

2. Safe to use: The Gleener Lint Remover is exceptionally safe to use for all fabrics, it’s easy to use thanks to its ergonomic and patented design.

More effective and gentler than other electric fabric lint removers, the fabric shaver for clothes comes with 3 abrasive edges for exfoliating pills and fuzz from the clothes surface. There are no motors, blades, or moving parts that may damage your garments.

3. Clothes pill remover brush: The shaver also includes a built-in lint brush to gently remove lint and pet hair from upholstery and clothing.

4. Battery-free lint shaver: Fabric shaver for clothes requires no battery so you can use it anywhere. Additionally, its compact size is perfect for storing it in a bag during business travel.

5. Ergonomic handle: Integrated lint remover brush with gentle over-molded grip and 3 ergonomic edges.

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3 reviews for Best Quality Gleener Lint Remover And Fabric Shaver For Clothes

  1. Lena

    Brilliant! I never used nothing what is good like this product for my clothes. I love it!

  2. HAL-9000

    This is a really good product to remove lint from my couch. One of the best ever couch cleaning products!

  3. Jennifer Jones

    It works very well on heavier fabrics, such as sofas and it saved a very expensive side sleeper pillow that I almost threw away after the fuzz balls started getting too noticeable.

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